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The history of Manóműhely began in 1993. After finishing the pottery school, Éva Bubutimár immediately established her workhouse. After a lot of exhibitions of individually designed, consumer and figurative ceramics, craft fairs, Bubu created the Origin-art Galery and Art Group, and also the Manóműhely with the ceramist Eszter Éva Szabó in 2003.

The Manóműhely produces glazed consumer and decorative ceramics, which are handmade products makes by traditional craft techniques. Created by dreams and produced by Bubu, the elfs of Manóvilág and Eszter’s figural ceramics are on view for the public on many domestic events. Moreover Manóműhely is a regular exhibitor of Kapolcs’s Days of Art. We expect a supportive audience in the courtyard of Manóműhely in 7 Petőfi street Kapolcs and the Budapest Christmas Craft Fair on Vörösmarty Square. Each product of the workshop is individually designed and judged works by the Arts and Crafts Lectorate.

The creator’s resume, photos of exhibitions of the last years and the projected future can be viewed on the website by those who love and are looking for our work.

The Sárember creative and artistic company was founded in spring in 2008, which contains the Manóműhely products and has continue the work on this way, new plans for the future to. With the help of Endre Horváth and Gábor Horváth the company has started to publish musical and literary publications. The new team wants to make handmade ceramics and combine them with other materials. We would like to create sculptures, musics, stories, exhibitions which lifts the soul of people in our world.

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