We wish you Happy Easter!!!

Budapest Spring Festival

It’s spring again !!! We have been working hard since Christmas, and now you can find us at the Budapest Spring Festival between 5-28 April at Deák Ferenc Square. Look for the 2 / A stand!

Fairs in 2019

This year we are going to the Szeged Bridge Fair – as always – from May 24-26.
This year we will be again in Fehérvárcsurgó on the occasion of the Garden Days from 31 May – 2 June.
Even this weekend, at the new festival in Kapolcs, the BONDORÓ will also be at Petőfi u. 7.
/ There will be exhibitions at both locations, a fair and a craft workshop for Creative & handmade Manóműhely Workshops!
We will arrive in Kapolcs at the Kapolcska Festival, and in Dunaújváros, at the Liget (still under discussion at the exhibition and craft profession), at Kapolcs in the Valley of Arts – as always from the beginning – with the Elf World!
End of summer: Rácalmás- Exhibition and Fair.
And we hope to close the year at Vörösmarty Square! (The square is being renovated …)
We will waiting for you with love …. hope to see you somewhere with you !!!!!!!!

Come Spring!!!


We are bored with the cold, the bare garden.
We want to see lots of flowers !!!! And you?
If it’s up to us, spring is coming at the end of February! 🙂
With a 10-15-20% discount, you can buy mushrooms, bellflowers, ladybird flowers and bird lovers to make your home – gardens more colorful and cheerful until the real spring arrives. (The action runs until the end of February or while stocks last.)

Coming soon

We don’t relaxing after the Christmas Market. We are working so hard to fill up our stocks.
Soon new fairies, clowns, snails, bellflowers…. arrive at the webshop.

Follow us! Worth!!

Happy New Year!!!

Dear Manóműhely Fans!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

We wish you: have time to relax, dream and your dream came true in 2019!!!!

BubutimArt Team

Santa is coming

Just a few days and Santa is coming !!!!
Does Santa of Manóműhely knock on your door this year?
In November you can buy them just 17.12 € at the webshop.

Folk Tale Day

Tomorrow, on the occasion of the Folk Tale Day, we will offer you 3 tale figures with 30% discount. Only this day!
3 figures are the Incense Wizard, Uncle Jancsi and the Witch.

Let’s meet tomorrow at the webshop!

Incense figure -30 %


We offer our Uncle Jancsi incense figure at 30% discount on the webshop on the occasion of the hungarian Folk Tale Day on 30th September.

Day of Folk Tale = 30% Discount

On September 30, we celebrate the Day of the Folk Tale.
On this occasion we give 30% discount to our 3 figurines.

Our incense wizard figurines will wait!

10% Discount

From September 17th to the end of September, we offer 10% discount on all our products !!!